TriVita Nopalea - User Review of Trivita's Nopalea Juice

Welcome to my legitimate, no nonsense Nopalea review. Before trying Nopalea, read about my personal experience using Nopalea juice to fight chronic inflammation...

Are you searching for relief to your acute pain?

Did you happen to stumble upon Nopalea finding promises of it being the answer to your troubles?

Have you grown tired of dealing with the same agonizing pain day in and day out?

Its time to uncover the mysterious benefits(if any) possessed by the Nopal cactus...

nopalea juiceWell I'm here to tell you the truth about this drink and whether or not it actually delivers what is promises. My name is Neil Box and I am a football coach, Pastor, husband, and dad. My back and neck have extensive damage from playing football all the way through college. There was not a day that I didn't wake up tight and sore in my neck and back. The pain was accentuated by the vigorous movement of my active lifestyle. I knew something had to change. I had tried modern medicine along with alternative therapies, and nothing seemed to work.

About a year ago I happened to be chatting with a friend of mine about my ongoing back pain and he recommended that I try Nopalea. As with most things I was definitely skeptical that a drink that I'd never even heard of could possibly help my back pain. But since he was giving me a bottle for free I figured I had nothing to lose. After five weeks of taking Nopalea I stopped waking up sore and tight, my daily activities no longer caused pain, and I was able to drastically cut back the trips to the chiropractor (which has saved me tons of money).

Is Nopalea the Hidden Support the Body Needs to Aid in its Fight Against Inflammation? Does Nopalea Really Work?

Well from my personal experience, I can say YES, Nopalea juice has helped me to greatly reduce my back pain. After the brief Nopalea loading phase, I began to experience truly incredible results beyond any of my expectations(I'll explain more in a moment).

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Before I go any further, here is a quick list of the main benefits promised by Tivita(the company producing Nopalea) that I can say I have experienced first hand:

*Reducing inflammation
*Cleansing your body of daily toxins
*Achieving optimal cellular health
*Protecting against premature aging

nopal cactus

In order to understand the benefits of Nopalea you must first know what Antioxidant Betalains are. Here is a quick video from YouTube to get you up to speed.

If you have been affected by allergies, asthma, heart disease, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Irritable bowel syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, headaches, or joint pain, then you have experienced the effects of inflammation. Inflammation is the body’s first response to injury or infection, but if it continues, it becomes chronic inflammation and leads to weakness, swelling, pain, and disease.

The question is not about whether you have inflammation. The real question is- how do you deal with your inflammation? Most people don’t address their inflammation because they simply deal with pain associated with the inflammation. People say, “I need something for my headache” not “I need something for my inflammation.” We should attack the pain and disease at its source, chronic inflammation.

inflammationMost people who struggle with the issues listed above, do so through the prescription medication. This is a reactive approach that is expensive, confusing, and causes a wealth of side effects which often require additional medication. I suggest being proactive through the use of a natural (no side effects), inexpensive, scientific, and proven method that not only squashes inflammation, but stops it before it even starts. Where would we find such a natural source assisting the body in its fight to stay healthy? The Sonoran Desert! TriVita has produced Nopalea juice from the Nopal plant.

Nopalea contains Betalains, certain antioxidants that are the body’s natural defense against inflammation. Betalains help the body deal with free radicals, drain toxins from cells, and help the immune cell Macrophage get rid of cells that cannot be repaired. Nopalea simply gives your body what it needs to naturally take care of itself. Don’t be a victim of inflammation; be proactive by equipping yourself with Nopalea Juice from TriVita.

If you are interested in giving this mysterious drink a try, you can take the Nopalea Wellness Challenge and find out the true benefits possessed by the Nopal cactus. In the big scope of things, what do you have to lose?

As an affiliate memeber of TriVita, my goal and mission is to spread the word about the amazing powers of the Nopal cacuts and provide people with the best prices and discount available on Nopalea. Feel free to leave a comment with your own Nopalea reviews or any experience you might have with Trivita products. That way you can help others who are interested in the healing powers of Nopalea here the facts straight from a first hand user. Thanks for visiting and Good Luck!

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